¿Cuáles son las máquinas expendedoras más comunes en colegios?

En diversas escuelas las máquinas más comunes son las siguientes:

•Café y chocolate

•Dulces, papas y galletas.



•Powerade y jugos

¿Cuál es la mejor locación para maximizar las ganancias de una máquina vending?

El mejor lugar es donde la gente que podría estar interesada en comprar tu prodcuto pasa caminando.

What Kind Of Snack Items From A Vending Machine Can Be Safely Eaten By A Person With Diabetes?

Nuts are the only thing you should snack on. Pretzels are a no, no. Glycimic index of pretzels:
Pretzels, oven-baked, traditional wheat flavour (Parker’s, Smith’s Snack Food Co., Australia) 83±9 if it over 55 it is not for us diabetics. Because 3 or 4 little pretzel is never enough for us!!!Peanuts are between 9 and 13. Very good

Why Do People Rub Coins Against Vending Machines When It Doesn’t Work?


How Secure Are Ungaurded Outdoor Vending Machines?

I am contemplating investing in some vending machines. I thought a great place to try and place them would be outside of gas stations in rural areas, to be turned on after hours, when the gas stations in these areas close. Wikipedia.com says vending machines are tough to crack into. Would this venture be worth checking into?

How Can I Calculate The Electric Consumption Cost For A Vending Machine With The Following Information…

This is what the plaque on the side says:
9 amps
115 volts
60 cycle
1 phase
…cost of electricity here is $0.094/kWh. Vending machine runs 24 hours a day outside in Albuquerque, NM area. Model is “Vendo 407”.

How Do Vending Machines Keep Beverages From Freezing In During Extremely Cold Weather?

Is there some kind of heating element inside?

Impressive Coke Machine

Dizzillionaire (autor de la foto publicada en Flickr):

Impressive Coke Machine

According to the author of the photography: “Maybe these are more popular in big cities, but I was so impressed to see a machine like this. All vending machines should have a credit card slot! Truly groundbreaking!”


Beautifully decorated lot of vending machines

digicacy (autor de la foto publicada en Flickr):

Vending machine


Vintage 7Up Vending Machine

The Upstairs Room (autor de la foto publicada en Flickr):

Vintage 7Up Vending Machine

A sleek old 7up vending machine alongside a building in Greenville, Ohio.