¿Qué tan lucrativas pueden ser las máquinas expendedoras?

¿Qué tan lucrativas pueden ser las máquinas expendedoras?Las ventajas del negocio de las máquinas  expendedoras son:

  • Requiere una inversión inicial baja.
  • Hay pocas barreras para entrar.
  • Con 300 o 400 dólares se podría iniciar en el negocio. En caso de perderlo no es tanto.
  • El retorno de inversión, en realidad, suele ser del 50% o más.

El lado negativo de las máquinas  expendedoras es:

  • Las rutas de las máquinas expendedoras son riesgosas.
  • La competencia es alta dado que las barreras de entrada bajas son iguales para todos.

Lo más importante es buscar un espacio que deje buenas ganancias.

Para un primer negocio es una excelente idea.


  1. This is one of the things I’ve looked into before. It is a lot of work. Be prepared to work 7 days a week and have very long days for it to be lucrative. Jennifer

  2. I’m thinking of doing the same thing, but I’m doing my research on them myself. I’m a college student, and an aspiring businessman/attorney. The Pro’s of the business is barriers to entry, and low initial investment. I mean a poor college student working a job could afford to risk 3 or 400 bucks on a machine even, so if you do lose money what they hell, the reward is great where you can make a return on your investment of 50% of more. The negative is vending routes are risky, the competition I’m assuming is very fierce, because of those same low barriers to entry and small investment. Myself personally has set a goal of a machine every other month, to I peak out. It seems like the smarter routes have all the machine space taking already so you have to search for a profitable space, which I can bet is pretty hard.
    Though it’s not a bad idea for someones first shot at business.

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